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Village Council Kicks off a New Year with the “Changing of the Guard”

by Sue Miklovic

The new year started off with a new mayor, clerk, and council members at the first meeting of Village Council for 2016. Father Art Niewiadomski lead the assembly in prayer to open the meeting.

The Oath of office was administered by the Village’s appointed Legal Counsel, Chet Marcin, to newly elected Mayor Janet Goldner. Ms. Goldner is the first woman to hold that office in the history of North Baltimore.

Our Mayor of North Baltimore, Janet Goldner
Our Mayor of North Baltimore, Janet Goldner
The Mayor welcomes Councilman Ty Carles and Matt Archer
The Mayor welcomes Councilman Ty Carles and Councilman Matt Archer, as Archer draws his “seating assignment” by lot.

The Mayor’s first order of business was to appoint Mrs. Kathi Bucher as the new Village Clerk, to fill the vacant seat which was available after former clerk Rick VanMooy resigned from that position. Mr. Marcin also led her Oath of Office.

Village Clerk Kathi Bucher
Village Clerk Kathi Bucher

The next order of business involved Council member Rich Rose making a nomination to have Rick VanMooy fill the vacant council seat, that was created when Ms. Goldner resigned that position to become Mayor. All council members voted in favor of his appointment (term expires 12-31-17) VanMooy was also given an Oath of Office.

Newly appointed Council Member Rick VanMooy
Newly appointed Council Member Rick VanMooy (former Village Clerk)

New Council Member Ty Carles nominated Council Member Leslee Thompson to serve as Village Council President for 2016. All were in favor.

Some highlights of the meeting included:

EMS: 637 runs completed in 2015. A total of 75 runs were “missed”. This problem should become a rarity as we have EMS coverage available 24/7 now. Chief Matthes spoke of a Lifter that the village can purchase with the help of a large grant ($2o,oooplus) if the village contributes roughly $9800. It is designed to lift very heavy people with less risk of injury to both the patient and the emergency responder.

Police: Comprehensive list for all 2015 will be available for February meeting

Fire: 211 calls for 2015. $1400 in cash and 408 toys collected by the Fire Department for “Toys for Tots”

Utility: Andy Patterson said, “We’re hoping to get the water meter project kicked off in the next few weeks”

DPW: Doug Wickard said, “We’ve extended leaf pick-up for a couple of weeks. We’re picking up leaves and Christmas trees”

Village Administrator: Allison Murray noted that the company doing the meter replacement project can be recognized by their vehicles and shirts. “Watch for the NECO logo and lettering, “she said.

Mayor Goldner took a minute to thank Ms. Murray and the rest of the office staff for “going above and beyond the call of duty” The new water bill mailing system didn’t function properly so the staff “hand-stuffed 1100 water bills in order to get them out on time”

Ms. Murray recommended 7 new hires for the expanding EMS staff. Council approved.

Ms. Murray also recommended the village approve the purchase of the “Lifter” that Chief Matthes explained earlier. This issue was the hot-topic of the night. After several opinions shared, and questions asked, Councilman Art Patterson made a motion to make the purchase. Patterson, VanMooy, and Archer voted YES. Thompson, Carles, Rose, voted NO. Mayor Goldner voted YES to break the tie. Motion carried to purchase the “lifter”.

Finally, Ms Murray shared some photos from the Bakery Feeds area, where some transportation issues have arisen. Bakery Feeds has installed some lighting and they, and the village are working with ODOT to resolve the situation which involves turnaround/road space.

Ms. Goldner appointed the Chairperson and Members of the Standing Committees for 2016. Look for this information in another article here on theNBXpress.

It was mentioned there will be a Tree Commission meeting Monday, January 11th at 5:00pm.

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