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Village Council News from Last Week

by Sue Miklovic

The North Baltimore Village Council “Committee of the Whole” meeting was held last  Tuesday, January 8, at council chambers. Council member Aaron Patterson was absent.

Council President Matt Beegle led the meeting, which included some great news about pending grants for the village.

Some items discussed were:

  • Wireless cameras for the village park
  • Water Bill mix-up–apparently the batch of bills were routed to a different location than normal, resulting in many of them not making their way back to NB mailboxes. The due date remains January 15 and citizens can call the village office for more information.
  • Discussion of village sidewalks– when the village tree commission chooses trees to be planted in the boulevards, they consider the likelihood of each variety to cause sidewalks to “lift”
  • The council is moving forward on its plans for economic development services from Reveille.
  • Pay scales were to be discussed at last week’s Department Head meeting
  • The mayor will be presenting her “State of the Village” address at the next meeting
  • Interim Financial Officer Tony Swartz reported things are moving along pretty good
  • Village Administrator Michael Brillhart reported that he is completing trainings necessary for the administration of the grants that have been awarded to North Baltimore. He also shared reports that indicated we had been moved up on the list for the beginning of some of the projects scheduled to start in 2019. “We’re back on schedule! and moved up to start in Spring” He also shared ideas for a Five Year Capital Improvement list. He shared the council had adopted a capital improvement ordinance in 1998.
  • The special meeting scheduled for last week was not held because there was no agenda . That business will be on this week’s agenda.

One thought on “Village Council News from Last Week”

  1. Many thanks for the hard work you all do. I know you can’t fix the holes in the winter. Please don’t forget East Broadway St. Thank you and God’s Blessings 😉

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