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Village Council News

North Baltimore Village Council May 19, 2020

By Sue Miklovic

It didn’t take long to conduct the business of the Village of North Baltimore at their meeting Tuesday evening but there was plenty of conversation about many different topics while the council members were gathered.

When the Mayor asked for council members to share letters and/or communications from residents, Councilman Mike Soltis shared that he had been asked if there was any way for the village park to be opened by Memorial Day weekend. Mayor Goldner responded that everyone is still on “stay at home orders” for the Covid-19 pandemic until May 29th. She said, “Then we can open the skate park, the baseball fields, the restrooms, etc. but not until the stay at home order is lifted.” It is a criminal violation for disobeying this order from the Governor.

Councilwoman Leisa Zeigler shared a communication concerning Memorial Day, with a flyer encouraging people to place a candle outside of their home to recognize and honor the significance of the day. (See article about this candle event in another posting here on TheNBXpress)   The Mayor and Councilman Mike Julien added that the Memorial Day Ceremony will be held virtually with a video being shown on the village facebook page, featuring the Poppy Girls, The Legion Color Guard, and some music.

A lot of questions and answers were exchanged about Tuesday afternoon’s emergency notice to the community concerning untreated waste water being released into the Rocky Ford Creek to help alleviate pressure to the Sanitary Sewer water system caused by the large amounts of rain water that has pounded the area recently.


Brian Roberts, Utilities Director for the Village was not at the meeting, but the information shared was basically this:

We all know we paid a lot of money ($15 M) to separate our sewer water and storm water in the village. They ARE separated. Mr. Roberts discovered that there is a problem somewhere in the system where some of the storm water is getting into the sewer system. To find out where that is happening, the village needs to have a “smoke test” performed. He has already scheduled that, but the appointment isn’t until the first of July. The release of water into the creek is allowed up to four times a year without it being a violation of the EPA guidelines. This is the FIRST TIME it has happened since the completion of the separation project in 2014.

Others topics of interest:

*Columbia Gas is replacing/moving a worn-out gas line in the Village Hall/ Post office/Library area.

*Things are getting lined up for the pre-construction meeting for the paving/200 block of Main Street project.

* Village Legal Counsel Joel Kuhlman noted a decrease in his legal services had been needed recently for prosecutions. He suggested that because people have been staying home and not in public, that reports of domestic violence and child abuse had lowered. He suggested a watchful eye and vigilance as things begin to reopen.

*The NRG (Neighborhood Revitalization grant) is moving forward. Bids for the project will be opened June 6-10. The deadline for completion was extended till the end of the year.

*A policy change was adopted that addresses all circumstances necessitating changes in established work schedules and or special pay rates such as experienced in the current pandemic situation.

*The date for the JEDD Public Hearing (NB/ Henry Township/Northpointe Development) is June 23 at 6:15pm at Village Hall.

*The Village Monthly Finances are balanced “To the Penny”

The Council went into Executive Session after adjournment for consideration of employee compensation. No further action was expected.




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