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Village Council: “No Thanks”

Village Council Meetings: Summary for April 2021, by Sue Miklovic

Council Says “THANKS BUT NO THANKS” to proposal for funding help

On Tuesday, April 6th, the first regular Village Council Meeting was adjourned after a few minutes, when there were not enough members present to conduct any official business. It was decided to have the April 13th meeting become the first meeting of the month, instead of the usual “Committee of the Whole” meeting. Before the meeting adjourned, Mr. Engard asked if the citizens could be reminded to pick up after their pets when on public property, especially the Main Street sidewalks in the Downtown area. “Citizens have complained (to him) of massive amounts of poop on the sidewalks!” he said. Chief Lafferty stated he would remind citizens on the NB Police Department facebook page of their responsibility to clean it up.

On April 13
, the Council met at the Village Fire Training room for their meeting. Councilman Soltis was absent, but excused.

Councilman Patterson inquired about some of the new streetlights in the 200 block of North Main Street being out and some globes that are out in the roundabout. He also wanted to know what the repair status of the traffic light at the corner of Main and Cherry Street is. It was damaged by a private business’s truck.

Also discussed was making sure the restrooms at the Village Park were being opened since the park is now open to the public every day.

Mr. Brillhart stated 7 zoning permits were issued in March. He also gave an update for other projects in progress in the village.

Mayor Goldner reported she and Mr. Brillhart would be meeting with AEP about new power pole project, on April 14.

It was reported Toledo Sign would be installing the New Village sign that will be placed at the Fire Station corner.

On April 20, the business meeting began with a conversation with attorney Rex Huffman, as a representative of the Wood County Port Authority. He has been working since last year with the Wood County Engineers office, Henry Township trustees, and Northpoint Development to help rebuild and repair part of Mitchell Road, Quarry Road, and West Broadway. The roads were heavily damaged by heavy truckloads of concrete that had to take “the long way around” (when unable to cross the railroad tracks due to stopped trains) to reach Northpoint after leaving the concrete plant that was set up on West Broadway for construction of the new facility.

Recently, the Ohio Rail Development Commission, a division of Ohio Department of Transportation, got in the game, and talk surfaced of more dollars being available for North Baltimore to mill and pave West Broadway, with potential to expand from Mitchell, all the way up to Main Street.  Estimates came in for just under $3,000,000, and the Village would most likely only need to pay a small portion of the total bill. But the Village Council basically said “Thanks, but No Thanks,” to the offer as presented. Part of the deal would include closing one of the three remaining crossings in town-Tarr Street, Main Street, or Second Street. (Sounds like CSX preferred it be Second Street) Mr. Patterson asked, “How much money is CSX contributing to the project? What if the Village of NB contributes that money instead?” Mr. Huffman replied, “Then the money (available) will just go away. Mr. Patterson replied, “That’s a heartbreak to me. We represent our citizens.”

Mr. Huffman listened to opinions and answered many questions from the Council members who aired many of the frustrations felt within the community and shared many examples of CSX being a poor neighbor and ignoring communication from the Village regarding their responsibility.

Mr. Huffman said he would pass along the decision of the council.

The Village passed Resolution 05-2021 A Resolution adopting revisions to the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)



2 thoughts on “Village Council: “No Thanks””

  1. I spoke with the Mayor about two years ago regarding an exemption for the Village to eliminate train whistle requirements at the crossings. She told me that the application was being readied for submission to – I believe – the Federal Rail Administration.

    I’ve never heard anything from the Village since then other than “These things take time.”

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