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Village Council “Organizes” for 2021

By Sue Miklovic

 Last Tuesday, January 5, 2021 was the 2021 Organizational Meeting for the Village Council. Council President 2020 Mike Julien was absent, so Councilman Mike Soltis was nominated (by Bill Cook) and voted on (4-1), to serve as President Pro-Tem for the meeting.

Cory Kuhlman was introduced by Mayor Janet Goldner and spoke briefly to the council about filling in for his brother Joel Kuhlman who has served the village as legal counsel but will be leaving as he has been elected to a Common Pleas Judge position. They both are attorneys with the Stearns and Hammer Law Firm. The council is currently accepting applications from interested qualified parties to fill that anticipated soon-vacant position.

The first order of business during the organizational meeting was to elect a president of council for the new year. Councilman Aaron Patterson nominated Mike Julien to remain as council president for 2021 and all council members present voted in favor of the nomination.

The next order of business was for the mayor to assign standing committees for the council members to chair. They are remaining the same as last year. The Standing Committees and Chairs are:

Economic and Community Development-Leisa Zeigler
Public Safety-Mike Soltis
Personnel, Policy, and Ordinance Review-Mike Julien
Public Works-Bill Cook
Public Utilities-Aaron Patterson
Finance and Technology-Tim Engard

Another standard procedure for the first meeting of the year is to have a designated seat for each council member. This is accomplished by a random draw.

Finance Officer Tony Swartz reported great news for the “200 Block of Main Street” project. He said that both the project itself and the cost of the inspection of it have come in “way under the bid. We have saved $100,000! We also have finally got the final sign-off of the “100 Block of Main Street” project and it was under bid too. I will have a recap of 2020 expenses at our next meeting,” he said.

A motion to give permission to advertise for 3 full-time EMS employees was made and approved by vote (4-1)

Mr. Julien, who arrived late and apologized for doing so, commented about the recently formed JEDD with Northpoint and the governing Board for it. “The village is supposed to have a seat on it, we want to make sure we do” he said. Mr. Swartz replied, “I was contacted and asked to attend a meeting. They actually named me the chairman of that board, and Mayor Goldner was appointed to the seat for the Village for the first year. That can be changed after the first year if we want it to be changed.”

The only piece of legislation for the evening was Ordinance 2021-01 which amends the starting time of Council Meetings. (start now at 5:30pm)

This week’s meeting (Jan.12, 2021 at 5:30pm) will be “Committee of the Whole” updates.

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