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Village Department of Public Works Monthly Report

Public Works DepartmentMonth:Sept. 2017
Vehicle/Fleet Information:
UnitMonthly MilesOdometer ReadingMaintenance & Repairs
95 Dump Tk.102mi.63,291mi.
01 Dump Tk.63mi.33,283mi.
12 Dump Tk.165mi.4,685mi.
Mini Dump15mi.15,641mi.
00 Bucket Tk.1mi.137,921mi.
06 Chevy Tk.274mi.47,475mi.
99 Green Ford Tk.108mi.165,888mi.
99 Wht Ford Tk.103mi.127463mi.
00 Chevy Van2mi.133,206mi.
95 Chevy S-100mi.176,315mi.
Equipment Information:
UnitEquip. HoursHours LoggedMaintenance & Repairs
Ford Tractor18.0hrs.3366.4hrs
Street Sweeper97mi.11,958mi.
Toro 616-1 Z-Turn18.6hrs.298.9hrs.
Toro 616-2 Z-Turn46.8hrs.280.3hrs.
Toro 417-1 Z-Turn17.1hrs.101.5hrs.
Toro #2 Z-Turn15.9hrs.1557.0hrs
Activity/Calls for Service(these are # of times not hours)
Trash pick up – Village Office & Downtown4
Trash pick-up Village Park29
Trash pick-up Village Cemeteries4
Cemetery – digging, back-filling graves, etc.1
Weed Spraying – cemtery, ROW, parks, village properties6
Tree- brush trimming, grinding, etc.2
Mowing – village properties4
Mowing – right of ways, CSX properties1
Mowing – vacant properties3
Mowing – park & ball fields4
Mowing – cemeteries4
Durapatcher / Cold Patching7
Road signs, flags, barricades1
Vehicle & equipment maintenance2
Street sweeping, cleaning11
Park concession stands, ball field bathroom cleaning & maintenance3
Zoning & related inspections3
Calls for service6
Snow Plowing0
Brine making and or Mixing weed spray5
Leaf Pick-Up, etc.1


Size Update
Sept. 2023
Sept. 2023
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