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Village Holds First Council Meeting of 2018

by Sue Miklovic

The Village Council of North Baltimore held their first meeting of 2018 last Tuesday, January 2, at the new starting time of 5:30pm. Village Administrator Allyson Murray was excused from the meeting due to illness. Clerk Kathi Bucher was absent and Becky Walter filled in.

The first order of business was the swearing in of the four recently elected members. New, first time members are Matt Beegle and Tim Engard. Art Patterson was re-elected to another term. Aaron Patterson had previously served, but took a break, and then ran again last fall and was elected.

Councilman Aaron Patterson being sworn in to office by Mayor Janet Goldner
Councilman Matt Beegle being sworn in to office by Mayor Janet Goldner
Councilman Tim Engard being sworn in to office by Mayor Janet Goldner
Councilman Art Patterson being sworn in to office by Mayor Janet Goldner. He was also selected to be President of the Village Council.

Next, an election for the President of Council was held by the members. Art Patterson was unanimously chosen.

Administrative reports were submitted by all department heads. Only Police Chief Baer was present. He presented his business card with his personal phone number to all the new council members and invited them to “Please, call or text me anytime”

Aaron Patterson asked of the EMS report, “I don’t see the number of missed calls on this report”. “There aren’t any,” replied Chief Baer. ” Council President Art Patterson added, “We have not missed any calls for many months”. Councilman Aaron Patterson replied,” That is amazing. Great job!”

The Mayor said everyone should have a 2018 Schedule of Village Services in their current water bill.

Councilman Ty Carles reminded all members to complete their mandatory Sunshine Law training. Councilman Aaron Patterson asked if text messages were included  as communication. Mayor Goldner replied,”Yes, that’s public record if you are discussing village business.” Village Legal Counsel Joel Kuhlman confirmed and added, “I have several topics to share (in the future) and that is one of them on the list”

Mayor Goldner also appointed the following Committee Assignments: (Chairperson in parentheses)

Public Safety- (Art Patterson) Tim Engard, Leisa Zeigler
Finance and Technology-(Matt Beegle) Ty Carles, Art Patterson
Public Works-(Aaron Patterson) Matt Beegle, Art Patterson
Public Utilities-(Tim Engard) Leisa Zeigler, Ty Carles
Economic and Community Development-(Leisa Zeigler,) Matt Beegle, Aaron Patterson
Personnel,Policy, and Ordinance Review-(Ty Carles) Tim Engard, Aaron Patterson

There were no reports from any of the standing committees.

NBHS Student Representative to Council, Dalton Teaford addressed the council concerning the reciting of The Pledge of Allegiance, which begins all council meetings. The members thanked him for enlightening them.

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