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Village Holds Special Council Meeting plus Regular June Meeting

Village Holds Special Council Meeting plus Regular June Meeting

By Sue Miklovic

On June 23, 2020 the village of North Baltimore held a public hearing at the village Fire Bay for the purpose of considering approval of a JEDD (Joint Economic Development District) agreement with Henry Township.

This agreement would allow for imposition and collection of an income tax at the North Pointe Development site, west of the village on State Route 18. Henry Township would receive 60% of the income tax monies collected, from the construction phase and beyond. The Village of North Baltimore will receive 30% of the collected revenue, while a JEDD Board will receive 10% of the dollars. The JEDD Board will be formed of township and village representatives, plus legal council.

Village Finance Officer Tony Swartz said, if this deal moves forward as planned, the village could receive around $50,000 for the first year alone. “As the amount of construction increases, so will the amount of money coming in to the Village,” he said.  The NB Local Schools have a tax abatement agreement with the development, that is property tax related.

This project currently has 2 parcels of land starting construction, with the first building occupying approximately 400,000 square feet. Four hundred new jobs are expected to be created from this first phase.

North Baltimore was a necessary partner for the township because the village provides governmental services (Fire, EMS, Police back-up) for it’s residents. Also, North Baltimore has a 1% income tax, while Henry Township doesn’t have any. NB’s tax rate sets what can be collected by the JEDD. If our rate changes, so does the Jedd’s collection rate.

The current agreement is for 30 years, with a 30-year renewal. The Township has 30 days for a referendum, if requested.

After the JEDD/Special 45 minute meeting, the Village continued with their regularly scheduled meeting for June 23.

The Fire Chief recommended hiring a new firefighter-Dan Long

The Police Chief recommended hiring Zach Cameron as a fill- in dispatcher

The Department of Public Works Superintendent  recommended hiring of a  laborer- Chris Naugle

The Finance Officer reported the village will be implementing a new utility software program. It will probably take four months to transfer everything over. The previous three years of records will transfer to the new software program. The new utility software is part of the Ohio Auditors network which is also known as the “uniform accounting network”. He also reported the village received approximately $43,000 in Covid- 19 stimulus money for the village.

The Village Administrator Michael Brillhart reported the 200 block of North Main Street project is scheduled to begin July 20. It should be mostly done by November 1 and fully done by December. The Neighborhood Revitalization Grant project is also hoped to be started soon and should be completed by December 31 . The administrator also mentioned the County is submitting a grant application for a project called the ”Target of Opportunity” grant which will help a downtown North Baltimore business if received.

The Public Utilities Director spoke briefly about the purchase of a new boat and trailer for use on the reservoir for applying necessary chemicals for algae removal. The village formerly used copper sulfate and is currently using a peroxide product which should result in an improved taste of the village water supply.

The Mayor distributed a village social media policy for employees to all those present.

A motion was made to purchase Fire Department bunker gear for $10,000. This was grant funded. Also approved was the purchase of police vests for $13,000, which required a $1500 village match

The next meeting of the village council will be their “Committee of the Whole” meeting on July 14th at 6:30 PM.

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