North Baltimore, Ohio

March 28, 2023 7:45 am

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  1. Pledge of Allegiance

In the absence of the mayor, Ms Goldner called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

II.              Roll Call:

 Mayor Mike Julien-Absent, Leslee Thompson-Here, Aaron Patterson-Absent, Janet Goldner-Here, Bill Cameron-Here, Rich Rose-Absent, Arthur Patterson III— Absent, Clerk Richard Van Mooy-Here, Kylie Hiser—Student Representative–Absent.

Mr. Cameron made a motion to excuse Ms Hiser and Messer Patterson, Patterson III and Rose.    There was no second.  Motion died.

  • Hearing on the Planning Commission recommendation for a zoning change for the southern portion of the old North Baltimore High School property, 124 S. Second St. 

Ms Goldner introduced Appointed Village Legal Counsel Chet Marcin who explained the rezoning process. He pointed out that the Planning Commission recommended that the property be rezoned from S-1 Special District to B-2 General Business and that council has 30 days from the date of this hearing to either accept. Reject or modify the Planning Commission recommendation. 

Ms Goldner recognized all members of the public who signed the Public Participation  form indicating that they wished to address council on the matter.  Listed below are those who made comments.  Remarks are paraphrased.

John Sponsler, 301 Belmont.  Mr. Sponsler said that he was in favor of business expansion but he stated that the school board sold the property at below market value.  He urged council to reject the recommendation thereby forcing the Board of Education to reconsider the price of the property.

Jeff Long, 211 Mitchell introduce himself as a representative of Reineke Family Dealerships.  He said that the company’s plan is to develop the property into a  parking lot for vehicles initially.  He went on to say that if the business did well that it was likely that the dealership would purchase the north section of the property and build a multi-million dollar facility.

Mary Patterson, 202 S. Main St.  Ms Patterson said that she has done business with the Reineke Dealerships has had good experiences and that she supports their plan.

Shawn Smith,  ___ Second St introduced himself as the Reineke Sales Manager.  He  spoke on the company’s support of the community and their willingness to make  contributions.  He also expressed the opinion that the currently vacant land would  not attract housing development if the property is not rezoned for business.

Doug Trounter, 815 Quarry Rd.  Mr. Troutner said that the village should do all it can to encourage business expansion.  He suggested that down lighting and landscape screening be part of the rezoning requirements.

Gene Patterson, 403 Margaret St.  Mr. Patterson spoke in favor of the rezoning request and he urged the village to do whatever it can to promote this change.

Lee Holloway, 304 S. 2nd St.  Mr. Holloway spoke in favor of the change.  He stated that additional lighting in the neighborhood would be a plus.

Jamie Cunningham, 208 Allen TR 14, Van Buren.  Ms Cunningham introduced herself as an investor in community businesses.  She supports business expansion in the village but she urged caution.  She said that all aspects must be considered when making a village decisions.

Russell Cunningham, address as above. Mr. Cunningham said that he was happy to see a family business expand in town. He suggested that down lights should be required.

  1. Adjournment 

Mr. Cameron made a motion to adjourn at 9:27 AM.  Second by Ms Thompson.  All approved.

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