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June 3, 2023 3:09 pm

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Village Zoning Reminders for NB Residents


The Village of North Baltimore has codified ordinances that govern and establish rules within the village. Many of the codified ordinances refer to zoning regulations and the appearance and maintenance of property within the village. These codified ordinances can be found online at and .

Some key items to remember when it comes to Village Zoning;

• Any outside building project (shed, pool, porch, fence, gazebo, etc.) requires a zoning certificate (permits run from $5-$250 depending on project).

• Applications for a zoning certificates are taken at the village office; to file an application for a permit you will need a sketch of the project along with the relevant measurements of any building, fence, or other project as well as the distance from the property lines.

• Once an application for a zoning certificate has been filed, the zoning inspector has 21 days by ordinance to issue or decline the permit (we do our best to issue it within 3-4 days).

• The village is NOT responsible for determining property lines. If property lines are in dispute the property owners are responsible for obtaining a survey at their expense.

• If a property owner completes an outside project without a zoning certificate issued by the village they may be cited $150 for every day they go without a zoning certificate or they may be ordered to take down the item built without the permit (pool, deck, fence, shed).

• Many times property owners wish to locate projects in the village right of way or utility easement; neither are permissible and have resulted in fences or sheds ordered to be taken down at the property owner’s expense.

• It is always best to contact the village office with regard to any project you are considering well in advance. The village will have maps with the location of all utility easements as well as the permissible uses and ordinances that govern outside projects in the village. Please call 419-257-2394 between 7:30-5:00 M-R, or 8:00-4:30 on F, with any zoning related questions.

• The village also has an ordinance that addresses weeds and high grass. Keep your grass and weeds mowed so the village doesn’t have to mow it for you….we are expensive!


Sweep or blow the clippings back into your yard OR sweep and bag OR sweep and put in compost pile!

Village 2018 Zoning Application

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