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Virginia Theater Has NEW Operator!

by JP Miklovic

Shawn Benjamin local computer shop owner (Cyber Solutions), scout troop leader (#315), musician (Loose Cannons, etc.), real estate investor/house flipper, parent and more, is going to be adding movie house/entertainment venue to his list of entrepenurial ventures! The theater has been closed for a couple of years…

This is an excerpt from the NB Boy Scout Troop #315 newsletter, written by Shawn Benjamin: 

One of my new projects in 2020 is to re open the Virginia Theater here in North Baltimore.  You may have heard some talk about it. … This is a private business venture but will open to the community.  We plan on having $1.00 movies, as well as first run.  

The big job requires us to shampoo all the seats and cloth materials to remove dirt and mildew.  So far, Rich Rose is furnishing the commercial cleaner and Officer Mandy is stepping in.  Doug Wickard will be helping me with the food service stuff and getting the projector up and running. 

There is so much to do and a several days in January will be set aside for this to happen.  The goal is to open in February. 

In talking with Shawn he has many plans and ideas to help keep the doors open at the theater, that first opened in the 1930’s. But he mentioned that it will be very important for the local folks to support the many events he hopes to offer! He also said that many locals are interested in helping out and being involved and that they should keep an eye out for information!

Clean up will begin soon!


7 thoughts on “Virginia Theater Has NEW Operator!”

  1. I’m so glad to hear this Shawn. Chris and I love to come to the movies. I often thought If could just be used for other things too like plays. singing programs . Not sure how much space is down front of the chairs but hope you find ways to keep it open. Best of luck.

  2. I wish Shawn all the luck as I have had my business in North Baltimore for 5 years now and no one from North Baltimore comes into my business, they would all rather eat or drink

  3. I wish Shawn all the luck as I have had my business in North Baltimore for 5 years now and get no support from this town

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