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GOAL REACHED!!! Virginia Theater Marque Getting Paint Job for 40th GOST

LOOKIN’ GOOD! (from Village Historian Bonnie Knaggs)

UPDATE – July 25 – Bonnie reports the $750 goal has been achieved! Thank you to all who donated!

Over half way to the goal of $750 for painting the Virginia Theater marquee.

Even though the goal of $750 has not been reached, it was decided to go ahead with the project so that it would be done before the 40th Good Ole Summertime Day this Saturday, July 27.

On the ladder is John Kruse, the painter, who is doing a super job of “bringing the marquee back to life.”

NB Village Historian Bonnie Knaggs and downtown business owner and promoter Roxie Emahiser, have taken on the funding with faith that the goal will be reached.


For more information, or to make a donation, call Roxie 419-889-8923 or Bonnie 419-257-7315. (photos by Bonnie)

This is the letter from Bonnie requesting donations:

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