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Virginia Theater reopens!!!

The Virginia Theater reopened in Downtown North Baltimore on New Year’s Day 2015, to a pretty packed house for the 1:00 show. Here is a photo gallery showing some of the work done for the digital upgrade and the re-opening day.

You can click on each photo for an enlarged version.

Here is another article on TheNBXpress about the digital upgrade fund-raising: https://www.thenbxpress.com/virginia-theater-to-get-digital-upgrade-big-thanks-to-all-who-helped


3 thoughts on “Virginia Theater reopens!!!”

  1. From Ralph Wolfe – Thanks, Jeff, for covering the re-opening of the Virginia Theater on January 1, 2015. Being there I was filled with joy because of the opening and the number of patrons who were there; simultaneously, I was exceedingly grateful that the re-opening was accomplished by so many financial supporters. Ralph

  2. It is wonderful to see how the public joined in the effort to save the movie house. There are so many memories of living in North Baltimore and this was one of them.Congratulations to everyone that helped with the project.

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