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March 27, 2023 6:57 am

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Virginia Theater to get digital upgrade – Big Thanks to all who helped!

The Virginia Theater in North Baltimore, Ohio, will reopen as soon as negotiations are completed by theater manager Doug Wickard for the installation of digital projection.

The Committee to Keep the Virginia Theater Open met Tuesday, November 25, 2014, and learned that by the deadline of November 21, 2014, the Huntington Bank had received contributions totaling $64, 805.

This total includes 16 contributions at the Gold Level ($1,000), 17 contributions at the Silver Level ($500), and 39 contributions at the Brass Level ($200) in addition to the naming of 194 seats of the total of 212 seats in the theater.

When digital projection is installed and the brass plaques for the Gold Level, Silver Level, and the Brass Level have been purchased and placed in the Lobby of the theater, and the brass plates for the named seats have been purchased and attached, the Committee to Keep the Virginia Theater Open in deep gratitude for the overwhelming financial support plans to have a free movie weekend with a Friday Night showing, a Saturday Night showing and a Sunday Night showing with a matinee showing on Saturday and Sunday.

It is the Committee’s hope that this weekend event will occur before the end of 2014. In the meantime the Committee will gratefully accept additional contributions for unexpected costs that may ensue.

Ralph Haven Wolfe, Chair of the committee to Keep the Virginia Theater Open

Other Committee Members:  Jan Dukes, Kathy Healey, Bonnie Knaggs, Paula Miklovic, Pam Seiler and Doug Wickard Theater Manager

Telephone Number for R.H. Wolfe: (419) 308-6178

Email: [email protected]

4 Responses

  1. … and a special thanks to Ralph Wolfe and Committee, Mandy Baltz (Huntington), News media (thanks JP!), Gary Luken (building owner), and all others who help with this fundraising. Without any of you, the restoral of the Virginia could not be done.

  2. We couldnt be anymore thankful or blessed. Our gratitude cannot be put into words. Thank you not only who donated, but those who continue to patronize the Virginia. You are ALL in our thoughts during this unbelievable accomplishment.

  3. that is a great accomplishment! I’m glad to come from a small town that invests in local businesses to give the locals a place for local entertainment, instead of driving to the Mega-plex and paying $20.00 per ticket and $30 for munchies!!!

    I would also love to challege these people to raise about $400.00 to replace the Video projector in the wolfe community room in the Public Library!! the current projector in that room is failing.. a replacement unit would be less than $400.00 and I would personally donate the labor to install it.

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