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September 26, 2021 8:10 am


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Virginia Theater to Raise Prices Slightly

From the management of Virginia Motion Pictures  in Downtown North Baltimore, Ohio – SPECIAL NOTICE TO OUR LOYAL  PATRONS:

Due to the challenges we occur with getting 1st run films for our valued guests, we must increase our ticket prices, so that they are attractive to the Industry & Studio’s. In addition, projection maintenance is increasing, we have no option than to slightly increase our admission price.

We have not increased our cost for over 4 years, while the Industry has several times.

Therefore, on Friday, November 18, 2016, ALL ticket prices will increase to $5.00.

We thank YOU all for your continued patronage and support, and WE hope to see YOU at the Movies.

Virginia Motion Pictiures Website

5 Responses

  1. $5 is still an outstanding value for the product(s)that the Virginia Theater continues to provide to the community!

  2. well that is a good deal for the owner. I thought the reason he collected all the donations were for new equiptment to keep prices low. While these are still low admittance, I hope they don’t keep pushing them up. Maybe the costs of concessions went up?

  3. Disney is the driving force in price changes across the board at theaters. Not just our local theater, low cost theaters in general have been put in a position where if they want Disney movies, they need to raise prices. Remember, Disney gets a cut of the ticket price.

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