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CANCELLED – Want to Listen to the Village Council Meeting Tonight (Nov. 17)


The next Regular Scheduled NB Village Council Meeting is Dec. 1, 2020.

Here is the agenda and how you can listen remotely:

 In consideration of Social Distancing and Public Gathering Directives issued by Governor DeWine and the Department of Public Health Director, this meeting is available by conference call to the public for remote listening (please mute phones).

 To listen remotely:   call 1-844-621-3956

        When prompted for meeting “number”, enter 146 720 0970

         When prompted for meeting “password”, enter 13579



Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 6:15 PM



I. Pledge of Allegiance

II. Roll Call

Motion to excuse __________________ made by

_____________, Second by __________.

III.       Approval of the Minutes

  1. Letters and Communications
  1. Request motion to move into executive session – in accordance with

                  ORC 121.22 (G)(8) to consider confidential information related to

                  negotiation with other political subdivisions responding requests for

                  economic development assistance  

 Administrative Reports

Finance Officer:            report submitted       

EMS Chief:                   report submitted       

Fire Chief:                     report submitted          

Police Chief:                 report submitted             

Utility Director:            report submitted       

DPW Superintendent:   report submitted                                                                                                                                                    

Village Administrator:  report submitted   

Clerk:              First Readings:                 Resolution 10 – 2020

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 36 

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 37 

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 38

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 39

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 40

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 41

                                                                 Ordinance 2020 – 42

                        Second Readings:            

                        Third Readings:               Ordinance 2020 – 31


                  Appointed Legal Counsel



  1. Standing Committees

         Public Utilities (Mr. Patterson)

       Economic and Community Development (Ms. Zeigler)

  • Approval of the proposed Year 2021 contract extension with Todd Dickerson for economic development consulting services                                                                    

      Finance and Technology (Mr. Engard)

      Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review (Mr. Julien)

      Public Works (Mr. Cook)

  • Approval of a Cooperative Agreement between the Village of North Baltimore, Wood County Port Authority, Henry Township, and NP North Baltimore Industrial, LLC.

      Public Safety (Mr. Soltis)


VII.          New Legislation, Resolutions, Motions or Business 

VIII.   Second Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

 IX.     Third Reading of Ordinances and Resolutions

Other New Business

 X1. Other Old Business

XII.     Payment of the Bills

XIII.    Adjournment


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