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August 15, 2022 8:37 pm


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“Watershed Moments”

I had a history teacher in college who taught by focusing on “watershed moments,” turning points in history that made a real difference, events that happen where nothing would be the same! Such historical moments were the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg in 1440, Martin Luther’s posting of the 95 Theses (499 years ago), the discovery of the smallpox vaccination in 1796. Even for non-believers, an historical watershed moment was the birth of Jesus.

As believers, we regularly review and study the early life of Jesus. His mission was that “the world be saved through him.” (John 3:17) For us, this mission means everything. For us, this mission changes everything.

It’s important to remember that the earthly life of Jesus wasn’t always peacefulness and calm. He had conflicts with Scribes and Pharisees, conflicts with Satan, conflicts with money-changers, sickness, even death. Jesus’ experience of conflict had him sweating blood in the Garden of Gethsemane, the night before his execution.

In the same way, being a Christian doesn’t mean that our lives are always peacefulness and calm. Christians (and churches) face struggles, problems, difficulties of all kinds. Faith involves struggles. If anyone understood that, it’s the Savior of the world!

People of faith believe that God gives us the tools we need to deal with every struggle. Some of the tools God gives us in this life are forgiveness, reconciliation, deep inner peace, worldly resources, talents, the church, and faith itself.


The greatest struggle Jesus had was his death. On the third day, we believe, God gave Jesus the greatest and most powerful tool: the resurrection. Jesus lived. Jesus lives even now! In the history of the world, in the history of faith, the resurrection of Jesus is the most important watershed moment ever!

In our struggles, as we embrace the faith of Jesus, we receive all the tools we need to manage those struggles. We believe that our greatest struggle, our greatest earthly watershed moment, our own death, will bring us, in Christ, to the greatest eternal, divine, holy watershed moment: our salvation, our resurrection, just like the resurrection of Jesus.

The resurrection of Jesus makes a difference in the lives of Christians. In fact, it’s been said that every Sunday of worship is “a little Easter.”

So, let the watery floodgates open wide in your heart and mind! With faith in Jesus, look forward to the eternal watershed: your resurrection to eternal life. Praise God! Alleluia!

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