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WBGU Addiction Series to feature NB Town Hall

To Whom It May Concern (from WBGU):

Addiction to opiates continues to make headlines in Northwest and West Central Ohio. Pick up an area newspaper today (or online news source) and you are likely to read about a drug overdose, a recovering addict’s story or worse, the story of a mother who lost a son or daughter to an overdose.

A few months back, WBGU-TV embarked on a mission to inform and educate our audience about the size and scope of this epidemic. To date, we have aired two, one hour special episodes focused on who is affected, treatment options, law enforcement initiatives and the economic impact to the area. Moreover, we have aired two town hall meetings, one in Bowling Green and one in Lima, where community leaders discussed the impact of addiction.

If you like to watch any part or all of this series, go to and click on the Addiction button

But we are not done. Our production staff is working hard creating more stories to tell. Plus, we recorded a town hall meeting in North Baltimore that will be airing soon.

We have plans to do even more; to share more about treatment options and programs that are working in the area. We plan to develop tools and resources to help those working hard to stop the epidemic from spreading and help those seeking treatment. Of course, this will depend on funding. We have reached out to many in the area seeking contributions so we can continue this important series. We are confident we can secure the funds needed.

If you are interested in getting involved with this project or contributing to ensure it continues, contact Steve Kendall at or 419-372-7415.
WBGU-TV Public Television

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