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WC Humane Society Invites Applications for Board of Directors

(Bowling Green)—The Wood County Humane Society (WCHS) currently is seeking applications to its Board of Directors. The WCHS Board is a voluntary working Board of local leaders dedicated to providing direction and guidance to the non-profit organization.


The WCHS Board of Directors is comprised of between 11 and 15 members in good standing with the WCHS. Board members are elected annually for a term of two years. New Board members will be elected at the next annual meeting, to be held in January 2016. However, Board applications are welcomed year round and prospective Board members are encouraged to shadow current Board members prior to their election as a way to familiarize themselves with the kinds of work they would be expected to perform once elected.


Board responsibilities are four-fold. The unit sets overall policies and goals for the WCHS and ensures that established policies are followed by all volunteers and staff of the WCHS. The unit also secures and monitors financial resources and funding, establishes accountability for its volunteers and staff, and provides for the regular communication with the Shelter Manager and the community at large.


Although Board membership is a fairly significant time commitment, current Board members agree that the experience offers so many rewards. Board President Lori Young notes, “I find that all of the people I’ve come in contact over the years who volunteer for the shelter are selfless in their capacity to care for the many helpless animals in need. These acts of kindness bring out the best in people and are an inspiration to me.”


Board membership also allows WCHS volunteers to advocate for the homeless, abandoned, and abused animals of northwest Ohio, a passion that many current and past Board members share. Lisa Kern, who most recently served as Treasurer of the organization, says that she became a Board member “to help protect animals that are defenseless against uncaring human beings.” Kern adds that she loved “being part of such a wonderful family of caring individuals who want nothing but the best for each and every animal that enters our shelter.”


Sue Frost, who chairs the Board Membership Committee, also cites her love of animals as one of the biggest motivators for her to join the Board. “If I can give a little back to the Shelter for the love my rescue cats have given to me,” Frost says, “then that is enough of a reason to join the WCHS Board.”


Of her fellow Board members and the staff at the WCHS, Building and Grounds Committee Chair Connie Black-Postl notes, “A more dedicated, animal-loving group would be hard to find.” Black-Postl adds, “My work with the employees, volunteers, and Board remind me daily of my commitment to animal welfare and the community we serve. I feel fortunate to have all that my board membership allows me.”


The WCHS Board of Directors meets once monthly for two hours. Individual Board members also are expected to serve as Chair or Co-Chair one of the Board’s nine permanent committees. Permanent committees of the WCHS Board of Directors include: Budget and Finance; Building and Grounds; Education and Community Events; Fundraising; Membership and Contribution; Public Relations; Policy and Personnel; Spay/Neuter Initiative Program (or, SNIP); and Volunteer. Time commitments vary depending on the time of year, the specific committees in which a Board member is involved, and the make-up of the Board at any given time. However, volunteers typically devote between 8 and 16 hours per month to Board-related activities.


Individuals who are interested in applying to the WCHS Board of Directors should contact Heath A. Diehl, Board Secretary, at for more information and an application.


The WCHS, located in Bowling Green, Ohio, is a full-service, no-kill shelter providing care for homeless and abused pets and investigating cruelty complaints in Wood County. In addition, the organization assists Wood County residents with its Safe Haven and food assistance programs, spay/neuter transport, and educational presentations. The WCHS provides care for hundreds of animals each year—from dogs and cats, to horses, goats, and pocket pets. The non-profit organization is funded predominantly through donations from local individuals and businesses, Community Shares of Northwest Ohio (a workplace giving campaign), and fundraisers. The Wood County Commissioners help fund a Humane Agent, but the organization receives no additional funding from national humane organizations or the government. For more information on adopting and/or volunteering, see:

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