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March 25, 2023 10:28 am

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WCHS Turns to Crowdsourcing to Purchase Cat Cages

(Bowling Green)—The Wood County Humane Society (WCHS) is looking for financial support from community members to purchase much-needed cat cages for its shelter, which is located at 801 Van Camp Road, Bowling Green.

The non-profit organization recently turned to the crowdsourcing site in its efforts to raise $12,000 for the new cages. Whatever funds are raised will be used to replace its current cat cages, which are rusting and not able to be adequately disinfected to prevent the spread of diseases. The WCHS hopes to raise enough money to purchase a total of twelve cages. Any additional funds over the specified goal will be spent on cosmetic renovations of the cageless cat rooms, including a sink for cleaning and cabinets to store supplies, paint, and cat beds, toys, and treats.

Already the organization has raised over $2,000 toward its $12,000 goal.

Community members who are interested in giving to the project can access the donation page directly at: This fundraising event runs through April 23, 2015.

Quality cat cages are crucial for ensuring a better quality of life for animal residents during their stay at the shelter. But such cages also can help to ensure that these animals are more efficiently placed in their forever homes, especially when the older cages do not provide as much room for enrichment and play as the cats need. is a progressive non-profit crowdsourcing website that helps animal non-profits throughout America connect with donors to raise money for critically needed projects. According to its website, was founded in response to the relatively small amount of money that annually is donated to animal welfare and wildlife conservation non-profits. The website reports that only about “2% of all giving in America” goes to such projects and, as a result, “almost all animal non-profits struggle to raise enough money to cover their operating budgets and focus on solving welfare issues.”

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