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“We Have This Treasure” A Devotion by Pastor Ralph J. Mineo

“We have this treasure from God, but we are like clay jars that hold the treasure” 2 Corinthians 4:7-8

One of my favorite phrases in the Bible are the words of St. Paul: “we have this treasure.” A powerful and hopeful spiritual truth is that believers have extraordinary power available in Jesus Christ. But the treasure we have is trapped in in our human bodies. Paul calls them “clay jars.” (Check out 2 Corinthians, chapter 4.)

Our clay jars, our human bodies, are fragile and weak, sometimes extremely so. Sometimes there are outside forces that some people don’t survive: school shootings, flu, hurricanes, snow storms, traffic accidents, and on and on.

When we think about such things, when such things shake our lives, when death arrives in our lives, we do well to remember that, within us, “we have this treasure.” Our treasure is the love of God in Jesus Christ. Our treasure is the Holy Spirit. Our treasure is new life in Christ. Nothing can take the love of God away from us (Check out Romans, chapter 8.) It takes a lifetime to discover, rediscover, and experience the treasure within us.

No matter what happens to the clay jars of our bodies, no matter what happens to us physically, God’s power, God’s life, God’s love will never leave us crushed, or in despair, or forsaken, or destroyed. We have this treasure! We have this treasure with us NOW. We have the promise of the eternal Resurrection!

It’s good for our souls to remember and celebrate this treasure. It’s good for our souls to gather in Christian community, in worship to celebrate with fellow believers. It’s good for our souls, and for our families and our community when we share this spiritual treasure with others. Such sharing might be in the form of a greeting card, a dish of food, a bouquet of flowers, a ride to church, a personal visit, a phone call, a listening ear, and countless expressions, large and small, that outwardly show the treasure within!

It’s good for our souls when we’re thankful to God for the love that God gives us through Jesus Christ. It’s good for our souls to remember often: “we have this treasure!”

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