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September 18, 2021 10:57 pm


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“We’ll See” …..A Devotion from Pastor Ralph J. Mineo

I was recently reminded of a pastor’s response to members saying, “Good sermon!” following worship. The pastor’s response: “We’ll see.” (The pastor was former Northwestern Ohio Lutheran Bishop, Marcus Lohrmann.) When I recently shared this in a sermon, a member said to me “Good sermon, pastor!” I could reply, “We’ll see.”

I really love that response! A Sunday sermon, or an online devotion, is only “good” when a listener or a reader does something about it in daily living. The same might be said about posting a Bible verse online. Someone might say, “That’s a good Bible verse.” The response could well be, “We’ll see.”

The Christian life is just that: LIFE! We are called, as disciples of Jesus, to apply the Christian message to our daily lives. That means our words, actions, and attitudes will include things like love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness (generosity), faithfulness, gentleness, self-control (the Bible identifies these are “fruit of the Spirit.”)

God’s Holy Spirit plants seeds into our minds, hearts, and souls. God gives the growth to these seeds. We then choose to let the fruit show forth in our lives, to share with others the harvest of grace we have received.

So, dear reader, what would you do today, and in the next several days, to show forth the grace you’ve received? Might you seek to reconcile a strained or broken relationship? Might you work harder to overcome that fault that keeps showing up? Might you make that visit to a needful person you’ve been putting off? Might you send a get-well card, with a note that you’re praying for healing? Might you resolve to begin your day by inviting the Holy Spirit to inspire you and bring you to places to share divine fruit? Might you end your day thanking God for using your life to do something good?

Such questions are obviously endless. God’s work is endless. Each one of us has been given gifts to do something of God’s work.

So, is this a good devotion? We’ll see…

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