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West Broadway remains CLOSED in NB

The project to raze the former Norbalt (Johnson Rubber) plant on the west end of Broadway is moving along. However, West Broadway has remained closed due to safety concerns for the wall that sits on the south curb.

Bates Recycling, the owner of the property, as well as being the contractor doing the work, has been methodically pulling and tearing the building down, loading debris in trucks to haul from site and stacking and piling the recyclable metals.

In addition, NBPD Chief Allan Baer has issued a statement regarding the closure:

West Broadway will remain closed until further notice due to the demolition.  W. Broadway is closed between Central Avenue to Mitchell Rd.
There is access to the Church and HPJ Industries on W. Broadway.   Please refrain from driving around the barriers and attepting to pass through the area.  It is dangerous and illegal.  Everyone’s cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Chief Baer

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