North Baltimore, Ohio

September 20, 2021 4:22 am


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What was the “boom” last night?

People of the SouthWood have been asking about a “boom” Tuesday evening around 8:00 pm. I was at a meeting at the North Baltimore Village Hall and we did not hear or feel it.

The breeze was from the east. It sounds like it originated from the east of NB, according to the reports of it being heard/felt in Bloomdale and Bairdstown areas.

But I hear so much banging and bumping and clamber at my home in Downtown NB, that I am impervious to the cacophony.

Anyone know what it was?

Sonic booms have been mentioned, but they are “not allowed” (with exceptions, of course). I believe that the 180th ANG would let us know if there were a sonic boom.

3 Responses

  1. JP, it is from the boom of economic expansion from the company that is the source of your cacophony. North Baltimore can’t handle the thousands of jobs that the crossing blocking company created.

  2. The 180th sent notice that night maneuvers would be going on over the area. I’m guessing we felt the sonic booms of our great pilots honing there skills.

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