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Wind contributes to 18-wheeler off road on SR 18 “Expressway”

The howling winds, with gusts nearing 50 mile per hour, contributed to a FED EX truck losing control on the Ohio State Route 18 Expressway, about a mile west of North Baltimore, Ohio.

The lightly load trailer was buffeted by the winds, causing the driver to lose control and the rig to tip.

The driver is being treated for minor injuries.

Traffic was maintained as NB Fire helped to secure the scene at the Henry Township location.

SR 18 by pass Fed Ex truck wind wreck 1
North Baltimore Fire, Wood County Sheriff and Mac & Bob’s tend to the accident scene.
SR 18 by pass Fed Ex truck wind wreck 2
The cab and trailer suffered heavy damage.
SR 18 by pass Fed Ex truck wind wreck 3
It won’t take the two Mac & Bob wreckers long to pull the wreckage out of the ditch.

Thanks to Facebook tipster Jim K for the heads up!

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