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Wood Co Soil and Water Conservation District Tree Seedling Sale

The Wood SWCD offers an annual tree seedling and wildflower seeds sale to the public to replace or create a windbreak, prevent erosion, add protection for wildlife, and beautify the surroundings.  The varieties offered change annually.

The sale is held January through February 28, 2017 with a scheduled pick-up time to be determined.

Quantities are limited please place your orders early.

2017 Sale Form

2017 Tree Descriptions

Why Plant Trees?

Stand-alone trees as well as windbreaks provide an array of benefits to soil, water, plants, animals and man. Trees are a valuable part of the agricultural and urban landscapes. Windbreaks come in many different sizes and shapes to serve different conservation purposes.

 Trees prevent wind erosion from causing loss of soil productivity, polluting air and water, obstructing public roads, and generally damaging the environment.

 Trees beautify the countryside and provide fall and winter color to the landscape.

 Windbreak research substantiates that field windbreaks improve crop yields which offsets the loss of production from the land taken out of cultivation. Windbreaks control blowing snow, conserve energy, protect livestock and farmsteads during the winter months.

 Windbreaks control pesticide spray drift and provide buffers to delineate property lines and protect neighbors.

 Choose native trees and shrubs to provide food, shelter and nesting sites for songbirds and other forms of wildlife.

Find planning, planting, and maintenance guidance at portals/forestry/pdfs/windbreaksguide.pdf. offers a list of native trees and plants for Northwest Ohio.

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