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Sibbersen Announces “Skimmer Summit” in Allen County.

Skimmers are illegally placed credit card readers inside fuel dispensers at gas stations or at ATM machines to rob consumers of their credit card information.  Mr. Sibbersen states “This is a growing concern in Ohio and we want to bring it to public attention and especially the commercial fuel establishments that could be targeted.”   The county auditor’s association is assisting with sponsoring Summit’s in each corner of the state.

Over the past several months there have been at least six known incidences of skimmers found inside gas pumps in Ohio, including one in Montgomery County, three in Butler County, one in Hamilton County and one in Shelby County.

The summit will be held:

Thursday, March 17, 2016 1:00 pm at the Allen County Sanitary Engineer Building, 3230 North Cole Street, Lima, OH 45801.

A number of speakers and panelists have been asked to participate in this summit including representatives from the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measures Division, the Ohio Highway Patrol and other law enforcement agencies, and credit card and petroleum industry professionals.

It will be an opportunity to learn more about illegal skimmers, to ask questions and to share best practices in an effort to stop this fraud from escalating.

RSVP for the summit to Allen County,

Jim Offenbaker at 419-228-3700 ext 8801


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