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Wood County Park District News

                                                           Hello, Summer 2020

Wow, what a year! We hope you are well. There’s a lot going on. In good news, we turned 96. Not to flex, but we don’t look a day over 95. Honestly though, we are proud to conserve, enhance, interpret, and protect the natural and cultural resources of Wood County. We have more in common than our differences. Our mutual appreciation for nature can help bridge our divides and care for our Earth.
Love nature & be well.
Photo by: William Garrett
Bring your own water. We recommend a reusable water bottle.
Nature Quest
Nature Quest is a series of activities.
*New: Virtual Escape Room.
First edition: Multi-park scavenger hunt. Clue: “Where life on a Depression-era farm is recreated, including chores, farm animals, cooking, and even school.”
Status Update:
+ Parks open daily 8:00 am – 30 min. past sunset.
+ Restrooms are open. Please wear a mask inside.
+ Playgrounds are open. Please wash hands immediately before & after use.
+ Please observe 6-10 feet of social distancing.
+ Indoor facilities are closed.
+ Facility rentals are cancelled through August 2. 
+ Bring water. Water fountains are off.
+ Volunteering has resumed for self-guided activities.
“Imagine Your Story” is the theme to the storywalks and the many engaging summer reading programs available to all ages.
Learn about the libraries and their summer reading programs.
Wood County District Public Library: wcdpl.org, 419-352-5104.
North Baltimore Public Library: nbpubliclibrary.org, 419-257-3621
A storywalk is a literary nature experience, or a natural literary adventure. Either way, it’s a charming way to read a book. Travel inward from either end of the Slippery Elm Trail, and the story will develop the further you go. Each Storywalk is around one eighth of a mile.
The Slippery Elm Trail is a 13-mile asphalt trail from Bowling Green to North Baltimore open daily from 6:30 am – 30 minutes past sunset.
“My New Red Bike” by James E. Ransome begins at the Bowling Green trailhead with parking at the Montessori School of BG. “Bird Builds a Nest” begins in North Baltimore with parking at the Slippery Elm Trail South Depot.
The North Baltimore Public Library, the Wood County District Public Library, and the Wood County Park District collaborated to create these storywalks for all to enjoy. Thank you to our community partners and volunteers!
Turtle Time
Turtle Time: Camouflage
Turtle Time: Diet & Resources
Diet & Resources
Turtle Time: The Shell
The Shell
Turtle Time: Aquatic vs Terrestrial
Aquatic vs. Terrestrial
Just Nature
Just Nature: A Sunset over the Maumee
Sunset over the Maumee
Ecopsychology Talk Part 1 v3
The dynamic field of Ecopsychology can point the way of individual thought and action which benefits the whole. Through Ecopsychology, we can create connection with the natural world and foster an ecological ethic of care for our communities, for our land, and for all the world. Dr. Rodriguez is on the faculty of Viridis Graduate Institute, an international graduate school for Ecopsychology. She also is the Events & Education Coordinator for Black Swamp Conservancy, as well as co-founder of Taproot: A Source, an online community which fosters healthy engagement with ourselves, each other, and our world
Ecopsychology Talk Part 3
Ecopsychology Talk - Part 2 of 3
In-person Program Guidelines:
Please do:
+ Register first at wcparks.org.
+ Wear a mask to programs.
+ Bring a water bottle with you.
+ Be courteous to others.
+ Wash hands frequently.
+ Let us know if you cannot attend.
– Do not attend if you are feeling unwell, or caring for a sick person.
We respectfully ask that you wear a mask to programs.
Thank you! Be well.
Teddy Bear Making Kit:
Sewing for Kids
Saturday, June 27; 1:00 – 3:00 pm pickup
Carter Historic Farm
18331 Carter Road, Bowling Green
Sewing is a basic skill everyone should know, even kids! Visit Carter Historic Farm to pick up a sewing kit with directions to make a felt teddy bear. Once finished, we encourage you to send photos of the finished product to Carter Historic Farm! Leader: Alyssa Garland
Composting 101 Series
Sunday, June 28; 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Carter Historic Farm
18331 Carter Road, Bowling Green
Join us for part 1 of our composting journey that will be taking place throughout the summer, and watch as our compost transforms into an organic “black gold” for plants to thrive in! You will learn the fundamentals of composting, various forms of composting, how to make a successful compost, and why composting is important for the environment. This will be a hands-on event for those interested in getting a little dirty, but you are welcome to simply observe as well. Attending all 3 sessions is encouraged but not required. Leader: Stephanie Ross
Buckwheat Planting
Sunday, July 5; 11:00 am – 12:00 pm 
and 1:00 – 2:00 pm
Carter Historic Farm
18331 Carter Road, Bowling Green
Watch historic equipment in action! Learn how buckwheat was planted using an early wooden 1900’s grain drill. Leader: Chris Dauer
Photo by: Tony Everhardt.
11:00 am – 12:00 pm
1:00 – 2:00 pm
River Wading
Tuesday, June 30; 6:30 – 8:00 pm
William Henry Harrison Park
644 Bierley Avenue, Pemberville
Get up close and personal with the life in the Portage River as we explore some of its runs, riffles and pools. We will be in the water exploring with our hands and nets so wear quick drying clothes and footwear that can get wet and stay attached to your feet.
Leaders: Bill Hoefflin and Nicole Sarver
Carter Historic Farm
Check out these fun farm activities and facts from the Carter Historic Farm. For video updates on the new chicks on the farm, check out the Facebook page.
Learn how to make strawberry jam and what life is like on a Depression-era farm.
Friends of the Parks
Commemorative Trail
Say it forever and leave a legacy with a Commemorative Trail Brick.
3 text lines on a 4 x 8″ brick = $100
5 text lines on an 8 x 8″ brick = $125
Photo Contest
Start taking photos now for the 2020 Photo Contest by the Friends of the Parks. Find the prospectus here.
Rudolph Bike Park
Wellness | Community | Adventure.
With three pump tracks and one mountain bike skills course, there will be cycling development and fun for everyone. Be a part of this exciting community project.

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