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Wood County “Weighs in” With Grain Inspections

Auditor Matthew Oestreich, along with his Weights and Measures Inspector Brian King, conducted grain moisture tests this year at all 13 grain elevators in Wood County.

Auditor Oestreich wanted to take a proactive approach while continuing to be a leader in the area of Weights and Measures.  The testing of grain moisture meters is an uncommon practice performed by no other counties in the state.

Oestreich understands the importance and impact of these devices on a farmer’s bottom line.  “The accurate moisture content of the grain is a vital component of price per bushel received by the farmer,” stated Auditor Oestreich.  He continued, “Testing and confirming the meter accuracy ensures continued equitable transactions.”

While Wood County performed testing, in-the-field training was provided to neighboring counties.  The results and additional training will be provided for all Northwest Weights and Measures Departments on December 6th, 2018.

Pre and post grain samples were certified by the USDA Lab located in Maumee Ohio.  Below is a line graph with all of the test results from the 13 elevators and 15 meters that were inspected.

DRY CORN Test Results
WET CORN Test Results

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